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DRG’s comprehensive Employer of Record (EoR)

DRG’s team of HR, payroll, and benefits professionals will ensure that your staffing needs are set up correctly right from the start, preventing risk, fines, and lawsuits, and staying up to date with changing local in-country regulations.

DRG’s comprehensive Employer of Record (EoR) service includes:

Onboarding Service

Full Onboarding service. Including the creation of appointment-specific employment contracts, collection and transfer of employee tax and social securities, labour-related documents, induction, and customization of staff in their location, and easy ability to add new employees onto the payroll. DRG also offers supplementary onboarding services such as obtaining work visas, issuing equipment, etc.

Payroll Management

Full Payroll service. Including employee tax planning, employee benefits advice, and enrolment, employee net pay transfers, providing payslips and year-end assessment tax reconciliations, employee benefit reconciliations and transfers, contributions to social security beneficiaries such as workers’ compensation, and ensuring a company’s staff members receive salary and expense payments timeously and accurately across time zones and countries.

Localized Employee Benefits

Ensuring that each company’s staff members have access to world-class employee benefit programs such as Medical Aid, Provident Fund, and Risk Management. DRG’s employee benefits programs help local and foreign employees access high-quality employee benefit products, that suit their unique specific needs, and that provide high-value and quality services.
DRG also facilitates the understanding and administration of unemployment insurance, sick leave, wellness programs, work-from-home allowances, and more.

Single Point of Contact

DRG will appoint a service representative to ensure a convenient and trust-building relationship is developed to support urgent needs and monthly interactions and to respond to questions about staffing situations.

Each DRG service representative is an HR professional.

Immigration Support

DRG is an experienced immigration support partner, ensuring that foreign national employees entering South Africa (or working on the African Continent) receive their required immigration status.

DRG provides immigration support for the following Work Permits and Visa’s:

  • Critical Skills Work Permit
  • Intercompany Transfer Visas
  • Section 11(2) Work Visas
  • Research Visas
  • Visitor Visas
  • General Work Permits
  • Study Visas

DRG’s immigration support service ensures that foreign national EoR staff are compliant while working in South Africa or on the African Continent. Thus, making it easy for businesses to expand their operations and enter new markets without worrying about complex immigration laws, and corresponding employee tax, labour law, and social security reporting requirements.

Typical Service Users

Companies typically using DRG’s Employer of Record services include those that are expanding into new markets and need to hire international employees, or are hiring remote workers.

Partnering with DRG will allow your company to hire globally, penetrate new markets, sponsor work visas, and more, without the many complications of managing international human resources yourself.

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